Zi at 21 months

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Zienne Noelle’s favorite songs these days include:

Happy Birthday
Just the Way You Are
Tik Tok
I Got A Feeling
Hey Soul Sister

Favorite Videos:

Annoying Orange


  • Can count: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10
  • Sings ABC:  "A,B,C,E,F,G,P,Q,R,S,V,X,Y,Z"
  • Knows some shapes: circle, square, triangle
  • Can draw lines and circles upon request
  • Sings parts of songs, pitch is pretty good.
  • Jumps
  • Speaks in phrases, puts words together
  • Can turn on the iPhone, unlock it, scroll to the desired page, choose a desired app/game/YouTube, find the favorites list, choose the desired video, play the video, replay the video when it’s done, get back to the desired favorites list and choose a different video all by herself.
  • walks down the stairs without using hands
  • tells me if she wants to be changed, brings me the diaper and wipes
  • eats with a spoon
  • knows when the iPhone battery needs charging
  • Can follow certain dance moves
  • Knows people’s names, even her kuyas/Ates in church, TV cartoon characters
  • knows what it means when you say "be right back"
  • When you tell her to do something, she’ll understand and say "okay, I will"
  • knows what to do when you say, "time for night night"
  • doesn’t need to drink milk in the middle of the night anymore
  • when she can’t reach something she wants, she finds a chair, brings it with her, and stands on it to reach what she wanted
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