Oh, Oscar, you fiend…

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We all knew where Oscar was spending the night after last night’s awards show…so let’s just get to my short pick of fashion "yes" and "mmm…girl, to the NO!"

First, YES!

  • Kate Blanchet in this exquisite, no fail, ever classy lilac dress with a gorgeous dash of golden accents on the shoulders.  The colors were insane to the fashion membrane.

  • Mandy Moore hardly dresses her age, which is charming most of the times.  She’s pretty vintage, so this romantic silhouette really suits her.

  • Anne Hathaway may have one annoying voice, and might have been on caffeine doubleshots last night, but her first dress was made for the oscars, definitely dramatic.

So let’s hear it for the "mmmm…girl…..NO," the "absoulte fail" category:

Ashley Tinsdale and Vanessa Hudgens,

I don’t even really want to discuss this…
let’s just give some time to mourn the loss of some fabric…

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