DC Buttercup Dress

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DC Buttercup plaid mod dress.  Ok, so it’s not my overall favorite dress, standing on its own, with its awkward poufy back, and illusion-giving pockets (hence, no pockets! grrrr), but if accessorize correctly, this is incredibly charming.  I wore it last Sunday and with it came affirmations of a unique style matching my personality.  I took it as a good thing with a glass half full type of thank you :).  I do love vintage inspired fashion.  I paired this with mustard yellow stockings, and brown oxford wedges, under my waffle mustard yellow coat. 

Is it worth the retail priace of $150?  No. The style is great, but not worth that much.  On clearance?  YES.  They’re clearing their inventory to make room for their spring collection, but it’s difficult to snatch their clothes that are selling might fast.

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