valentine’s cupcakes

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Today, as Gerry Boy took care of a sickly Zienne, I drove to Emma’s class to hand deliver the homemade cupcakes I baked last night.  It was a last minute labor of love because Emma didn’t tell me she volunteered me to make her class cupcakes until last night while we were in Target looking for Valentine’s cards.

Fortunately, I was able to bake out 30 bitesized vanilla cupcakes.  I frosted them this morning, decorated them, and lovingly presented them to her teacher.

mini flower vanilla cupcakes w/ cheesecake frosting, sprinkles, & cotton candy

Her teacher loved the presentation, so all the kids gathered around to see the cupcakes Emma’s mom made.  They were so excited, and already eating, so she permitted them to eat them after I left.  All the kids, in unison, said, "thank you Emma’s mom!!"  But the best thing about being there was seeing Emma smile from ear to ear, extremely proud that her mom was there to give her friends cupcakes. 

NOW I know how those moms feel when they bring in treats for the class, in behalf of their son/daughter.  That cliche has turned reality, but it actually doesn’t feel like a CHEESY cliche, it feels overwhelming that in Emma’s eyes, it’s not a cliche at all…to her, I was a hero, and it felt great finally being able to know how that certain cliche felt.  I hugged Emma, so tightly, so happy that I made all her classmates excited, thus making her extremely proud of me.  My curiosity just wanted to linger to see her with her friends, esp. when another little girl picked her up and hugged her.  You should see her smile.

I hope they liked it…I LOVE valentine’s day for my children.

Emma, Zienne, I celebrate the love I have for you two.  Even more, I am honored of the love you both have for me, as much as I do not deserve just how much you two think of me, I am so humbled by you two beautiful, intelligent, talented, and incredibly sassy girls loving me.  You both mean the world to your Dad and me; we passionately love you both as you are always in our thoughts, prayers, plans, and conversation.  

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