International Night Valentine’s Dinner Party

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Our first valentine dinner party as a family.  Last year, Zi couldn’t go with us because she was too young, but this year, she had a blast, playing with all her kuyas and Ates.  The same went with Emma, who danced into the night, chased her Kuyas around, and lavished the sight of an ice cream bar.

Every year the parties get better, with speakers giving a message on love, with people singing, playing hilarious games, and this year, our first year with a  DJ.  Everyone got a chance to slow dance to a few songs during dinner and during the traditional rose dance when the husband chooses a rose for his wife, or bf to gf. hahahah.  Surely enough, Perze and I got to slow dance, after we acknowledged that I was the third wheel to him and his ice cream, securely in his hand.

I was requested to MC the games again this year, and it actually went a lot more smoothly than the previous year.  I guess experience is the better teacher,  and I was able to be more comfortable with the audience.  I really have to give an appreciation to those who participate with the games. What sports, to trust me so.  Not an easy task when you know how much of a trickster I am.

It was an extremely fun night.  At one point, I looked around the room and was in complete satisfaction that for a night, people were having genuine fun, enjoying each other’s fellowship.  That was really encouraging. I heard laughter, saw people dancing, participating, talking to each other, and just letting loose.

"International Night" was a great success. To God be the glory.  And a huge appreciation to the WMU for planning it out, as well as the immense fundraising fruits resulting from the night.  They’ve been able to raise money for our praise team to attend a weekend conference specifically for our praise team!!  Incredible and truly exciting.  God definitely opens doors, blesses His children, gives way to the faithful, and uses the body as a source of help, and they’ve really set the praise team as a priority.  Thank You Lord.

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