Baleri Italia – ‘tatino’

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Chances are, like most people, you’ve innocently perused the Apple store without the intent to buy, but just to see how pretty your desire can get.  And with two kids, it’s always a given that they’ll race to the kids’ section of the store, enticing them with bright red cushy children’s sitting orbs.  With the thoughts of setting up an office at home, I’ve been meaning to see how affordable these balls are, because they’re definitely child friendly (soft, durable, and NOT white). 

I finally found them, while on a quest with google.

My quest ended when I found out they cost a cushy round price of….wait for it… are you sitting down?….$500 + per orb.  Just makes you want to make a firm stand and say "NO!"  doesn’t it?  With that price, you basically have no choice.

But if you’re anything like Apple, here’s the link:  BUY IT

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