Reinventing the Terno

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So the theme for the annual Valentine’s Dinner this year is "International Night" where guests are encouraged to wear costumes from different countries.  Obviously, I wanted to pay tribute to my Filipino heritage and try hard to come up with a stylish outfit, so I tried researching on how to go about finding a "modernized" terno (a traditional philippine costume that imelda marcos made famous in the 70s), with the big bell shoulder sleeves.  I’d probably get super slapped for even questioning, "how do you modernize the terno?"

The task was difficult, although finding traditional ternos proved an easier feat.  But here are some I did manage to find.

******ok. i’m truly sorry for this last one, but it’s relevant.*******

I’ll let you know if I find more…I’ll keep updating this blog.  But as for the International Night, I already have something "up my terno sleeve."  I’ll post it after the celebration.

Do you have any suggestions?  Pictures?  Tomatoes?

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