All Bow Down: SJBCI Christmas Cantata 2010

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Praise God for "All Bow Down" Christmas 2010!!!

SJBCI Christmas Choir 2010

God honors the prayers of His people.  And there is one thing that is always present while practicing for the cantatas, is prayer.  I always make it a point to enter the prayer closet to lift up, not just the choir, but the bigger picture of these concerts.  Singing well may be one thing, but pulling the strings of the heart is only one thing that God can accomplish.  People often tell me that when I conduct, it’s as if I’m pulling strings and the choir obeys.  But that is NOTHING if we could only see the God pulling on our heart-strings. 

With my back turned, I can feel the quietness in the room, with my brain fixed on the choir, and my eyes set to the cross. I always have to remind myself to remind the choir what we’ve discussed during practices…not just about the notes, but what the song means, and how it must glorify God.

SJBCI Choir w/ OHIC Choir for "Glory in the Highest"

I cannot say what I prayed for the night before the cantata, but I do praise God for filling the building to its utmost capacity.  And I cannot say to the very last of the guests, what they’ve heard, but in my heart, I’m really proud of the choir.  And I was really joyful up there, in complete tune as a creation gives praise to its creator.  Truly, we were made to worship.  And the fibers of our being has a great hunger and deep satisfaction when we give Him praise.  With the choir as my witness, I can truly say that at many times during the cantata, I just wanted to stop conducting, and join in praise, lifting my hands to the wonder that is God, our King.

What a great night. What a joy to lead the choir that night!
Thank You Lord for the simple honor.  To You be all glory.

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