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this morning, before Zi wakes up, I went from reading John MacArthur Jr. to Mark Driscoll. I’d have to say, both were interesting reads. The first book is entitled "The Christ of Christmas" by J.MacArthur, explaining the ‘why’ Christ came.  Then as I was researching more on J.MacArthur’s documented reputation and some of the his controversial stands, I stumbled upon a blog that stressed the thinking Christian, which led me to my first link that I want to share:

www.gty.org :  J.MacArthur’s sermons

I also want to quote him for a well noted observation on today’s generation and their lack of discipline to read Biblical resources, one including the most powerful and fundamental, the Bible.  I have to admit, with the same observation, kids these days would rather respond to sermons that require the heart more than the head, feeling over reason, mushiness over substance.  With that said, I have an aversion to sermons that are more agenda opinion based, rather than focusing on God-centric messages.  However, I do admire those that can traverse between the dual spheres, from the head to the heart and get the people’s lives into the Word and the Word into people’s lives, without having to dilute Scripture, without having to dumb down to mere entertainment, or a scriptural back rub that leaves one comfortable and satisfied at the end of service.  Sometimes the Word makes us uncomfortable, ever think that, because we NEED that?

<soap box mode off>

Then I clicked on a link, which is my second recommendation: (warning, really uptight Christians, beware:)

Porn-Again Christian
by Mark Driscoll

I read some of it and forwarded it to my husband since it’s geared mainly to men, or what I’d like to call "manly men who are not afraid to take the challenge."  We both agreed it would serve with practical use, humor included.

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