All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

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You know what they say: "Early in, early out."

Well, Perze and I dispute over when Em cut her first tooth.  I say 4months and Perze says 3.  Nevertheless, it was very early in her development, and yesterday, those two very early teeth came out.  Yes, we have a big girl and she can honestly say ‘all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.’ 

The two front teeth had to leave to make room for her budding permanent teeth.  Her Lolo Bio lovingly took them out, with the very familiar and almost childhood traumatizing way of string and strength.  The first tooth was taken out last Saturday, without tears, but with very much proding and coaxing.  I had to tell her the story of when I had to give birth to her, my firstborn, and the strength it took to deliver a baby.  After some tears, she went downstairs and bravely told her Lolo that she was ready.  Let me add that the business side of her complied to the act with the condition that Perze and I buy her 2 Playdos.

The morning after, she found $10 with an enclosed note from the tooth fairy.  That afternoon, tooth #2 came out, and at the end of the day, Lolo & Lola outstaged the tooth fairy by giving her an extra $20.  She always says she looks different but always adds, "it’s ok though.  It’s ok to look different for a little while."

Photo: Zi is cheesing & Emma’s showcasing her missing two front teeth.

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