Breakfast Conversation w/ my 18 month old

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So this is how our morning went down today. With my 18 months old.

I ask her what she wants for breakfast and I start putting cereal in her baby bowl.  She takes out a different cereal box and is not satisfied with the one that I had poured out for her.  So I finally give her the desired Froot Loops in her baby bowl.  She then says, "poot" and points to the spoons, so I gave her a baby spoon.  She sits down and sees her cereal is dry, so she says, "mayl" which is her version on milk.  So I pour the milk and she starts feeding herself.  Minutes into her breakfast, she finally realizes all is not well in baby breakfast bistro, so she points in back of me and says, "beb."  I look back and realizes she’s pointing to the bib.  I ask, "bib?" and she affirms, "yah."

I’m really amazed with her communication level.

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