Zienne at 18 months: Talking

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I should really update more on Zienne’s development, as I did with Emma at her age.

Zi is incredibly apt to learning words.  Even if you ask her to try saying a new word, she’s very good with mimicking, or getting very close to what you’ve said.  Not only is her response accurate, her memory with object and emotional recognition is really good.   For example, at a young age of 17 months, a month ago, she realized that you say "thank you" every time someone gives you something.  She also says the correct words when she sees the object in her picture books, or in the room.  Her requests are also more vocal, i.e. when she wants milk, she’ll say, "mik" or water, she’ll say "waweh."

Her vocabulary is so hard to document and keep up with nowadays.  Before, I gathered and observed over 30 words, but it’s gone up since my last blog.  Added words, on the top of my head are:

  • love you (laah yooo)
  • video (bee-bee-yo)
  • lolo bio  (lolo bio)
  • lola ruth  (lola doot)
  • lolo perl  (lolo pel)
  • lola nene  (lola nene)
  • candy   (ca-dee)
  • what  (what)
  • bubble tea  (bubbeh bee)
  • night (to signal she wants to sleep)
  • open ("apeh")
  • see-saw ("tee-taw")
  • doggie (doggie)
  • ok (oh tay)

Whenever she sees any of these or want it, she’ll say it to communicate to us.  It’s pretty convenient.

She’s also started to put words together.  So far, it’s just "Hello, ______" and she’ll fill in the blank.  Esp. when she is talking on the phone with someone, she’ll say "hello, tatay" or "hello lolo" "hello lola" "hello tita" etc.  And then there’s "Bye, ______" like when she’s saying bye to her older sister at the bus stop, she’ll say "bye, Ate."

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that she needs a diaper change, whether she pees or poos.  She’ll pat her thighs and and "poo poo" or "pee pee" so Perze and I don’t have to guess.

She also recognizes a number of people aside from family.  At seeing them, she’ll smile and say there names.  Older women, she usually calls Tita.  And she knows very few of the young people’s names like GerryBoy (who she calls Bobo, her version of "boboy"), Icho, Emman…

She also loves to sing.  You can usually catch her trying to make up some song when she’s occupied with playing or walking around. 

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