Children’s Book Drive

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My brother has recently moved to the Philippines for personal and philanthrophic reasons. One of the project with which he has involved himself is the daycares and nursery schools in his surrounding areas. He has noticed the dearth of children’s books and shared the concern to my family. The saddening fact that these children are void of proper material to help strengthen the mastery of their reading skill to encourage their education, is one I hope to alleviate by starting a book drive.

Please help in donating ANY or MANY gently used books that you may no longer need or use. Please clean out your bookshelves to send to the Philippines. 

If you are interested in helping, I’d GREATLY GREATLY appreciate if you would contact me via FB event wall, FB message, or email me: [email protected]. You could even hand it to me personally when you see me. 

We’re planning to send my brother a "balikbayan box" of all the books we collect hopefully before Christmas, Dec.25, so PLEASE please help and donate hopefully before then. It will surely be a blessing during the holidays. The outcome would immensely benefit these kids.

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