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Boo! This Halloween was a little more exciting because it was Emma’s first time participating in her school parade.  It was also Zi’s first time Trick or Treating.  AND, it was our first time as a family going to Chelsea Market to experience their “halloween” chelsea market style.

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We started out our Friday attending Em’s school costume parade where we doted, following her as she marched in a circle with her classmates.  I have to admit that afterwards, Emma admitted that she was a little embarrassed that her loving and doting dad followed her as she walked, taking pictures and video.  I had to explain to her that it was an exciting time, seeing her so confident with her friends, at her school.  I told her that as she gets older, she’s going to admire that about her dad more and more.  I did tease Perze a little, but I’m so blessed with how much he dotes on his daughters, supporting them in everything they do and everything they take interest in.

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After her parade, we signed her out early so we can drive up to NY, to see Chelsea market, all decked out with halloween decor, hired entertainers, and the many visitors and children who went about trick or treating in their stores.  We were also very excited to see where Perze worked in NBC iVillage.

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His coworkers were pleasant enough to entertain the girls and welcome us wearing vibrant costumes.  Afterwards, we went back to Chelsea Market downstairs and shopped around, ate, then headed back to NJ, but not before NY graces us with its best traffic jam.  Yes, thank you NY for the hour and a half of wondering if an automatic molecular transporter would be available before traffic resumed.

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But overall, it was a very eventful way to start the weekend. :)  It was my first time at Chelsea Market, and hopefully by springtime, another trip is on its way, and we’ll visit another part of the city.  My daughters are starting an appreciation for the city and its excitement.

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