cafe racer leather jacket

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"The leather is gorgeous, soft and smooth, not like tough or wrinkled leather. The softness really resonates, even just by looking at it. The lining inside is great too, whimsical, with old rose pink & cute print.

This jacket fits true to size. I usually buy small and the small fits me great.

The only cons is that the shoulders are a little broader than I’d like, but not too much that I resemble a linebacker. I just wish that part was more fitted. Also, the sleeves are a little long, so the sleeves bunches a little if i want the cuffs to my wrists. I’m 5’2, and I guess this is built for a taller person.

Other than those tiny details, I’ve been looking for this season’s leather jacket, and being a pretty picky person, this got the yes check mark from me!! Esp. for its sale price. So yeah!!

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