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Two days ago, I got a very unexpected message for someone I am not that close to, yet have met over a decade ago.  It was a pleasant experience to have someone share with you some of their things, despite the unfamiliarity.

Well, sister, I hope you don’t mind my archiving your encouraging words :

“…i check in on your blog from time to time (which makes me feel stalkerish, but your family is really just too cute), plus you do such a wonderful job at recording your families memories and milestones that it is just a good read! i need to make more time to document, i seem to do it in spurts.

also, it is also comforting for me to see that yall still hold the BASIC worship service and such. Life changes, but little "constants" like that sure can put a smile on a girls face!

anway~ Good to hear from you, i know we dont keep in touch, but you are one of the sweetest souls i have ever met and i’m glad we got to cross paths nearly decade? …”

thanks! God bless you and the family.

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