pumpkin castle

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Last week, we promised Em that we’d carve pumpkins, esp. since she fell in love with the idea last year when we went to Vermont for the Pumpkin festival while we visited Ate Sally.  Last Saturday, we went pumpkin picking, and today, we were able to carve her first pumpkin along with Zienne watching and envying the carving tools.  So here’s the final product:

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“best friends’ castle”

Yes, a castle. We fixed it to look more like a princess castle rather than an old rickety creepy castle, since Em loves her fairytales. Turned out pretty good, and I blame the anal side of me.

Afterwards, Em placed a fake candle inside and it’s now outside, lighting our front step.  She was so happy and proud with it. I love memories like this with my daughters.

next project: hello kitty, owl

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