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Starting my day is a little tricky because I feel like I always have to plan ahead.  I have to get Emma out of bed and quickly change her, ready for the weather, and her specified activities in school.  Before this, I have to make sure Zi is fast asleep, as I quietly sneak my way out of the bed.  I prepare Em’s breakfast, and while she’s eating, I have to prepare her lunch, as well as make sure I remind her of what to do that day in school.  If I forget, I notice a juice drink untouched, or a half sandwich still uneaten.  I have to remind her to turn in her homework, or her reading assignments colored in. Then I have to make sure she’s right on time for her bus, putting her shoes, coat, and bag on, then walking to the bus while praying for her day.

Each day varies, and Zi is the determining variable.  The days that Zi is awake for all the busyness of the morning, are the ones that require more thought, because my attention is divided into Zi’s needs as well, esp. the morning need to be carried, due to persistent morning fatigue.  Then she’ll want all these things to eat or drink.  And the absolute worst is having to dress her up just as warmly for our 2 minute walk to the bus stop.

Every morning is a production, and I’m not held accountable for just myself.  Their mornings are up to me, so I spend my mornings for theirs. It would be nice to think that in a family setting, your mornings are each your own, but they’re not; you need to think of each other.

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