Emma and School Days

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2010oct02 084 Every day we:

  • Pray while walking to the bus stop.
  • Give her a kiss goodbye
  • remind her to raise her hand and participate
  • Ask her who she sat/played with at lunch/recess
  • Ask her if anything special happened during the day.
  • Remind her that we’re proud of her.
  • Check to see if she has homework.
  • Have her read a little.
  • Have “spending time” when we can just cuddle & talk with her.


So far, she LOVES school.  Despite her sometimes fatigued body in the morning and objections to eat efficiently, she doesn’t complain about going to school.  She looks forward for it, sincerely, because she’s made friends and she enjoys the new activities each day.  She also likes her teacher, from what I gather, is fair to all the kids, encouraging and patient.

Em’s made friends with her first day “bully” and even now considers him a good looking boy with great hair. Hmmm…I guess she’s a hair kind of girl. hahaha. She’s also made quite the impression on this boy at her bus stop.  They don’t have class together, but he seems to be quite smitten by her.  By what she’s disclosed about him, apparently, she’s already gotten a marriage proposal from him, and just yesterday, he tried to kiss her.  Thankfully, she turned it down.  Next time, I told her to tell him that he has to first kiss her Tatay, 2 Lolos, 4 Titos, and all her kuyas at church.  She replied, “ewe! that’s sooooo many!” (Dear Zemzem, that’s the whole point my beloved.   You are worth more than all the rubies and diamonds.)

Her drawing is also getting better:

2010oct06 2010oct07

Here are two of her recent drawings.  She’s getting better with spacial proportions.  The one on the left is a drawing of her room, including her windows, dresser, tv, carpet, picture, door, and building blocks (& building), and of course, herself, holding a block.  And the right side is a drawing of one of her doll’s princess tiaras. 

She’s also reading faster now, although still having to sound out words rather that sight reading. But definitely better with it. I would say by the end of this year, she’ll be even better!

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