emma’s original song to Jesus

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there’s no one better than you

you are so amazing, you’re so amazing

you make the animals alive, you made us alive, and the plants alive

and we always love you Jesus

there’s nothing like you

but we always have this melody’s song

for this melody’s song is for you.

this song is for you, Jesus

you are good to us, so good

we love you Jesus

and Jesus thank you for our faces and melodies

there’s nothing like you, I love you Jesus


Oh Jesus you are great to us

that you love us, I know that you care about us

there’s nothing like you, we love you Jesus



I overheard Emma singing this after school today. it was too late to grab a camera, so i quickly typed what I heard. word for word.  It shows that even young kids can experience His love and has their own understanding of His goodness.

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