congrats to mr.& mrs. raphael aquino

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On behalf of our family, we want to say:

Mel & Raph

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Sept. 18, 2010

It was such a beautiful wedding, one with such innocent sincerity, down to the music choices, truly a unique wedding with personal unconventional touches that really resonate Mel&Raph. 

Mel, Raph, this was the first time Perze & I sang together at a wedding, and we considered it an ENORMOUS blessing and honor that you both entrusted us with your style and choice of music.  Your selections were immediately refreshing!  It reminded me of how partnership takes practice as is inherent, so thank you for such an opportunity for Perze & me.

Also, we had an AWESOME AWESOME time at the reception, one wedding when we can remember being on the dance floor with such great music and such energy from everyone.  The girls had such a great time that they would complain if it was time to leave the dance floor.  Zienne even learned how to throw her hands up in the air.  Also, thanks for all the booth photos.  Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed all the distractions. 

Lastly, you and Raph were so cute that day.  I could really see how much you are for each other.  Continue to center your marriage on our Father, Mel and Raph.  I promise that you can never go wrong.  Be ONE for His glory, and live your lives worthy as His, as He has given you for each other. God bless you both. We love you guys.

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