words zi can say

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At 15 months, Zi can say over 20 obvious words/prases such as:

  1. tatay
  2. mama
  3. Ate
  4. wow
  5. baby
  6. apple
  7. woof
  8. ewe
  9. uh-oh
  10. bop!
  11. uh-uh (to convey ‘no’..while shaking her head)
  12. up
  13. hi
  14. bye
  15. dede (filipino word to convey she wants to nurse)
  16. beep-beep
  17. yay
  18. milk (mih)
  19. there it is (tey-eh-ye)
  20. tito
  21. huh?
  22. shhh!
  23. cheese

She also has a picture/word book given to her from tita cherms and she can use her pointer finger to show me where objects are if I ask her.  For example, if I ask her where the fish is, she’ll point to its corresponding picture.

She responds so well and can understand when I make requests.  I can even ask her, “where’s my iPhone, Zi?” and she’ll grab it from the end of the room and give it to me.  Promise, I never consciously taught her it was an iPhone.

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