designer dress sandals for mad less

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For a couple of years now, they’ve totally renovated the T-strap into something more feminine and complex with different shapes.  Seen here is the ruffle.  The white is my first ever Badgley Mischka sandals with more rounded ruffles, imitating petals.  The one to the right, the black Nina t-strap ruffle is more angular, with straight definitions.  I’m REALLY into t-straps, as much as I’ve been a fan of my ever devotion to Mary Janes.  But they just keep getting better, as the floral shapes address the forefront of fashion.

Best thing????  The price.

The Badgley Mischkas, which I’ve been drooling over since 4 years ago, retails $219.  I got them for $60.  The Ninas, which still retails at Macy’s for $99, I found at a treasure trove for $24. 

Everyone always asks me where I get my shoes, and I just say you just have to really look at bargain places.

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