One Plus Five Equals Six Recap

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I finally put up the pictures of One Plus Five Equals Six Party up on the gallery, having collected tons of pictures from other people’s cameras.  woot.

Looking back, we were very fortunate to have had GREAT weather, esp. since the forecast was supposedly rain.  Thank the Lord the clouds pushed down and didn’t touch our area.  Instead, it was a sunny day in its high 80s, sunny enough for mingling and running outside.  We rented a big canopy which was enough to cover the six tables and some walking room.  We also rented a moonbounce, like we did at Emma’s first bday.  Everyone enjoyed it, mostly the kids, and even the grown up kids, including my sisters and I, my friends from college, and some courageous few.  There should always be room in one’s life to jump.

I think the scariest part was the slide. Why is it that as you get older, the slide gets scarier?

I was telling some friends that although a lot of my close friends couldn’t come, I was REALLY excited to know that people who I wasn’t extremely close with were coming because it DID allow me a chance to get to know those people MORE.  It was an opportunity to become closer friends to good friends, and good friends from those I didn’t really know.  Towards the end, I was able to have some really choice conversations with people I wasn’t too acquainted with, like the guys who are doing missions in our church this summer, or some of my old college friends who I haven’t had the chance to converse with over the years.  YA, that day, I gained an appreciation to expand my conversation circle of familiarity, and hopefully will continue to foster from now on.  God definitely has a purpose for everything.

The girls REALLY enjoyed their day.  That was the important thing.  I made sure, despite the busyness of the day, I made time to laugh and hug Emma, to encourage her play without too many restrictions.  I also made sure I made some quiet time walking around with Zi, talking with her about our surroundings, because at this stage, she’s not keen on crowds.  At the end of the day, Emma was telling me stories about her friends, about her play, and Zi was still excited to finish her day by opening the plethora of gifts.  My heart was full because I knew Em would remember it.

thankyoupicturefinal The only thing missing was that Perze’s side of the family was not there.  I am always so saddened over this reality and sacrifice.  But we NEVER go through a milestone without them.  They are always at the forefront of our thoughts during these times and are just as appreciative with their support and every present love and prayers for us and the girls.  Thank you Nay and Tatay, and the rest!

Additionally, we are extremely grateful for my side of the family who always help out, not just at these big parties, but in the everyday.  My parents always make sacrifices for them as well, and really continue to show endless love.  Thank you Ma and Pa, and of course Ate, Kuya Sam, Kris, and even Tito who was far away, but who had cake ordered for the girls to blow out their candles.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, depicting all the activities and games we played, decorations, and giveaways.  They’re all in the photo gallery under One Plus Five Equals Six.

Thank you Lord most of all, most of all, most of all, Jesus, for loving our girls.  Every year, we wish them You, to grow in You.  We praise you every day for the breath you give them.  They are an immense joy to us and to those around them.

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