Surprise on the Six

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We are on our 6th year.

It seems a bit surreal that we’ve been married that long already, with only 4 years to go until our 10th year anniversary.  Compared to veterans of marriage, six doesn’t seem that long, but it does to a young couple.  I married when I was 25, and it was the best choice I remember making.

Two days before the 19th, Perze came to the room, admitting how bad he was at surprises and how he couldn’t wait to give me his present.  Already I was surprised because we had promised that we weren’t going to get anything for each other and spend on the girls for their One and Five :).  After promising to close my eyes, I had already had a strong premonition that I knew what he bought me.  I don’t know why, and I hadn’t stressed it, or hinted to get it for me, but for some reason, when he put the box in my hands, I instantly knew. 

I saw the MKors watch a month ago after a shopping trip with Michelle.  I instantly fell in love with it, since I’ve been looking for a white watch, although not that expensive.  That’s why after I saw it, I erased it from my wish list, because the price was definitely a deal breaker.  It ended up being the most expensive watch in the MKors line. But  Perze, with the help of Michelle, who helped him with some price tips, never looked back and picked the perfect watch for me, and having successfully persuaded me to keep the thoughtful gift.

Now, I’m glad I kept it. Every time I look at it, I smile, knowing that sometimes, I know we can’t afford everything we want, but somehow, sometimes, my husband finds a way to give me a gift I would never expect.  He knows he can steal my heart over a book, a dress, flowers, or a well written love letter… but this time, I’m humbled with an unexpected splurge, one he took time to be sneaky with…and it was perfect.

I can’t find a picture of me wearing it, but after the girls’ party, I found one picture, although blurry, of me wearing my watch. (I know…I’m a nerd for taking a picture of it, but I really love this watch, and I haven’t had a decent watch since I graduated college.  To tell time, I’m always looking at my phone.)

DSC03840-1 mkors01

We spent our anniversary day with family and friends, at our One Plus Five Equals Six Party.  So yes, we spent it celebrating our girls, having planned it perfectly that way, 🙂 cost efficiently…hahahah 

To my beloved husband:

Happy 6th year, mahal.  When I met you, I never knew you’d make me laugh as much as we do now.  I never knew I could never live without someone.  I always thought I could emotionally stand independently.  I never knew the benefits of having another family other my own. But in six years, I have built my humor around yours.  I can never imagine living without you.  I am relieved my emotions have a place in you to confide.  And I’m blessed to be part of anther family to love me. 

Most of all, in these six years, I can’t get over how handsome you still are.  I am amazed with how much a man could love a woman, esp. a woman like me. I am thankful that you can lead our family, provide for our growing household, prioritize your work with family and ministry, and still laugh at the end of the day with me.  I love you, going on seven.

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