marchesa vs. red velvet cupcakes

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I’ve tasted some red velvet cupcakes before but when a friend gave me one special cupcake, there was something different about its taste that was set apart from the rest.  It actually made me want to discover how to make red velvet cupcakes that taste similar to the one given to me.  I took the cupcake and dipped my finger little by little, again and again, tasting it until I figured what was in the icing, until I finally knew.

So I looked around for the recipe, an un-generic red velvet cupcake recipe and decided to make a cupcake cake.  Yes, a cake shaped like a cupcake! Fortunately, I found the one version popular in England, and even more, my tricky older sister found the recipe for me for free!

Since it was my first time ever making cupcakes, cakes, and esp. red velvet cupcakes, I was a bit hesitant and overwhelmed.  I had no tools, whatsoever for baking, so I go-go-gadget my sister and borrowed her baking ware.  With the help of some hands, even sometimes carrying a feverish baby, I was able to make a cupcake cake from scratch!!!

You can tell I’m pretty proud of it, since, again, I honestly thought I’d fail on the first try…making the cake spongy enough and the icing EXACTLY how I’d want it to taste.


So the taste verdict? 

We cut the cake into 4 pieces.  My loving supportive husband gave it a thumbs up.  Sarah, a friend who helped me add the ingredients, really loved it and basically ate all of the big piece of cake. Emma said, “this tastes so good!  I’ve never tasted a red velvet cupcake before!” And yes, even my darling one year old took two forks and fed herself her share of icing. 

Hi-5 people, Marchesa can bake a red velvet cake!  It’ll debut for the girls party on Saturday, with a pretty twist to them.  Fingers crossed.

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