God names himself so we can know him better!

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El or Elohim

– generic word for ‘God’

– over 2,500 times in the Old Testament (OT)

– means strength, power or greatness

– Elohim is plural and indicates intensity and hints at trinity

El Shaddai

– ‘El’ often combined with another word to describe God in more detail
– El Shadai means ‘all powerful, self-sufficent’ ruler

El Elyon
– means ‘the God most High’

El Olam
– speaks of God’s timeliness, often connected with hope and security.

– occurs in the OT 6,800 times
– proper name for OT Israel’s God. Not used for pagan gods
– verb “to be” (debated by scholars)

Jahweh Sabbaoth
– often translated “the Lord Almighty”

– greek word for ‘God’
– in New Testament about 1,000 times

– Jahweh often translated meaning “Lord”

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