James Jeans "Twiggy"

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James Twiggy

twiggy It’s been a while since I’ve made a style blog post but I thought these were incredibly worthy of a blog.

I walked into my favorite store, thinking I’d end up buying a dress or top, never really thinking I’d invest in jeans over $50 but when I tried them on, I couldn’t resist. Now, mind you, I’m not one to spend a lot of jeans, because I figure, jeans are jeans, and you could buy a good pair in TJMaxx for less than $20, but you can’t find THESE jeans in Forever 21 (even though they bite fashions from high end stores) or discount stores (I’ve tried). After all the jeans I’ve bought, they probably ended up accumulating into more than $50 anyway, so I should have saved myself the trouble and tried on these jeans way back in the day.

So the sales lady asked me from a distance, outside the fitting room, "how are the jeans going?" I whimperedly announced, "unfortunately, way too good." I think they know me there by now, esp. with a name like Marchesa.

I slipped into these size 26 jeans, feeling a bit encouraged after losing 2 lbs. and thought I would just slip it right back on the rack, unforgivingly, but to my surprise, my curves (or un-curves) were hugged securely by these James jeans. My seemingly fatty cells were welcomed by these jeans ironically named "Twiggy."

The dark wash was perfect, the hug, and even the 26 waist. Made me want to buy one more, just in case twiggy 1 gets ripped before I turn 60. hahaha

price: $135 retail
sale: $60

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