choir director’s kid

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This is the result of being pregnant for 2 cantatas, attending every choir practice for 2 more cantatas, Zienne seems to be quite the musical baby.  At a very early age of 5-6 months, she started singing her “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs.”  She would sing in choir practice and praise and worship, loudly above fellow voices. She even knows to sing when requested “sing.”  Around the same time, she’d dance by swaying side to side to music, even when sung.

One day I found her trying to conduct to this song. Ever since then, she’ll press the button and start leading. Odd thing is that she’ll only conduct to this song. I laugh because I wonder if I really look like that every time she sees me conduct the choir. She gets shy at the end because she realizes that I’m taking a video, but she’s game enough to give me a high-5


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Zienne 12months

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