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Two weeks ago Zienne turned 1. It’s amazing how much she’s grown and how fast that year went by. I remember when Emma was born, time seemed to move at a turtle like pace. That’s probably the same for any first time parent out there.

Zienne hit most milestones faster than Emma, except for her hair and teeth. By the time Emma turned 1, she probably had 14 teeth already. Zi on the other hand has 7. Zi was pretty good with walking, I do think that is because she sees her older sister do it all the time.

Like her sister, she is loud. Always trying to get her mom’s attention by babbling like there’s no tomorrow. She does do something that we’ve never seen Emma do at her age and that is singing. At 7 months Zienne has been exposed to the choir because of cantata rehearsals. Everytime she sees people hold up their song books she sings. At first I thought it was pretty random but she knows when to start and stop. She makes the cutest “Aaaaaah” sound only to take breaks every other measure.

She not only sings but she dances as well. Swaying back and forth to the melody of the music. She loves Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. I smile eveytine I think about it. Everytime she hears music that she is familiar with, she drops whatever she does, let’s out the widest grin and just sways back and forth. It’s our cheat code whenever she won’t stop fussing.

Unlike Emma, Zienne seems to be uninterested with the TV, iPhone or any gadget. She could never last a single kids show. She does like to play with my Blackberry more than the iPhone which I find really odd.

One thing about this girl though is that she loves her mama more than anything. She’s not as clingy as Emma was but she just lights up when she sees her mom.

Zienne, if you ever read this when you grow older, remember that in 2010, you turned 1, you still have no hair, you do have 7 teeth, you walk like a pro and the piercing on you left ear closed.

I’ll always remember your sweet symmetrical face. I love you and we thank God for having you as our baby. Belated happy 1st anak.

I will always be, your Tatay.

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