Cutout shoelaced bootie $198 vs. cutout shoelaced bootie $60

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It’s been a while since a new fashion blog right?

Well, this one I couldn’t quite let go of…it was too crazy to pass.  Well, I’m one to spot sales, or even “knock offs” similar to very expensive clothing, but way cheaper.  Generally, if I really love something, I’ll try to buy the originals on sale, or on ebay, but if I can do without, if it costs over $150, I’ll try to find something along the lines of…

Well, here’s an example:

I love these pair of booties but can never really get myself to buy it, being worth $198 at my favorite store.  Even on sale, those suckers (on left) will probably run between $99-$135.  But the one on the right is only $60, which I found on a competing online store.

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They’re cut exactly the same, and both made out of leather.  With the slight difference in color contrast, there’s the obvious difference in price.

These are also a great pair of booties, versatile for spring, all through summer, and making its appearance even in fall.  Adding a bit of height, there’s an organic twist on the gladiator look, fresh with lacing and pleating, giving it a more feminine look. LOVE IT!

Definitely one for the summer. Marchesa approved. And even better? A worthy frienemy to the expensive model.

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