zi at 11 months

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An update on Zienne of 11 months.  She’s turning 1 year old soon and I’m not ready yet.  It’s gone too fast, her infancy.  She can understand so many things already, language, commands, requests, games, etc.

On her 11th month, her love for singing is extremely evident. It’s in her every day things she loves do.  She sings with her Ate, to the radio, the iPhone, TV, the church choir, praise and worship, and yes, even with the vacuum cleaner!  Also, when she sees a book or pamphlet, she’ll open it and start singing, as if it was choir material. She’s a regular in the church choir practices.  She’ll sing along, VERY loudly with everyone else. She’s quite the distraction.

This month, she’s had a boom in showing affection.  Whenever her younger cousin, Sienna, is over, she’ll make her way towards her, pat her head, lean over and kiss her- over and over and over and over again (until Sienna’s had enough).  Zi also is in love with Emma, who she follows everywhere.  At night, their bedtime routine is a long hugging and laughing session, with Zi always initiating the hug-fest.  If you ask Zi for a hug, she’ll usually comply (if she’s familiar with you).  She understands the words kiss and hug, love.  If she sees a picture of someone she’s fond of, she’ll even lean towards the image for a quick hug.

She’s definitely mastered walking, and now tries very hard to jump, esp. since she sees Emma doing it.  She also knows how to get down from our bed, couch, anything tall.  She’ll push her legs over first, letting her legs dangle until her toes touch the ground.

She points to things now, often accompanied with sounds.  She also puts the phone to her ears and says, “HA, Tat.”  She probably learned this from me, seeing me call her dad every day. 

As far as language, she says, “Te, A-teh, Tat, mamam, ha” and my family has observed that her garrulous nature shows her ease in picking up sounds.  Her lolo tries to get her to say Pa-pa and she ends up saying pa-pa.  Just the other day, I tried to teach her how to say Zzzzz-iii and she started saying “zzzzzzzz-ah, zzzzz-ah.”  She amazes me how well she responds. 

She’s already graduated to the bigger car seat, and prefers it because she can see more things, esp. her sister who’s sitting next to her.

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