zi at 10 months: recap

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So before Zi turns 11 months, I just wanted to update on her 10 month milestones.

She eats rice and solid veggies now, ground up, still drinks from the bottle and nurses.  At night, I nurse her up until morning.  She wakes up a little here and there, maybe 2-3 times but lately, she’s been fussy and wakes more frequently because she’s teething.  She’s growing in her 4 top teeth at the same time, so she’s clingy, cranky, but still adorable- adorably exhausting.  To think she still has so much more teeth to go!

She’s so much faster with walking and now only walks instead of crawls.  She’s such a pro at getting herself to standing position without any props, or grunting for that matter.  She also knows how to get down a step or from a higher to lower height. She’s mastered that before learning how to get all the way to the top of the stairs.  It’s become a challenge leaving her alone next to stairs because she’ll take the physical challenge.

She also knows how to point to something she wants to eat or play with.  She can point to her nose and locate it when you ask her.  She also pretends to sing when she opens up a book.  I think this is due to all the choir rehearsals she’s attended.  She probably thinks every book is a choir book, so she starts to sing along. No lie.  When Em was Zi’s age, she used to do the same thing except she’d pretend to read.  She’d say, “te te te te” while Zi sings “ahhhhhh ahhhhh.” Cute…hahahah…my girls.

Because of her crankiness, she’s limited her circle of trusted people to just family.  Sometimes, she even gets extremely particular, and she’ll prefer me over anyone.  She’s in that separation anxiety phase, so she’ll hardly entertain being carried by other people now.

She can understand a lot of what I say now.  She’ll refrain from continuing with an action if I say ‘No’, or her bottom lip will cutely quiver, a warning sign of a following wail.  She also answers to her name, AND she understands the word “give.”  If you say, “give to Ate,” she’ll give to Emma, and so forth.  She also understands the word kiss, hug, and love.  At these words, she’ll comply to showing affection; it’s amazing.

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