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Yay! We’re homeowners!

After many months of praying to find a house within the area where we recently lived, with a commute time relatively close distance to NYC for Perze’s job, within our price range, with enough space for all four of us, a good school system for Emma, and still close enough for us to traverse to south jersey for weekends to participate in our ministries.

The search proved tough around our area since taxes are high around us, and the prices of homes for a three bedroom proved to seem impossible.  Compared to homes in south jersey, it felt difficult to find a house that fit our criteria that was within our price range.  A lot of houses we saw were either too old, too dirty, too worn, too small, too expensive, or two bedrooms.

But everything was in God’s perfect time.  We had the amazing pleasure to have met a christian realtor, who not only really walked novices through such a stressful process, who met us at every quick opportunity to schedule showings, gave us helpful advice, but who we have gotten to know on a personal level- being encouraged to know that he’s very active in his church, charities, and ministries. 

We also learned and had the chance to meet our sellers, who happened to be a young Chinese pastor.  A father of four young children, he and his wife kept their place close to perfect, despite having young children.  We honestly don’t have to worry about how the place looks.  We were all surprised with how well they kept the house’s condition.  I was looking at Perze, Tony, and Chris talk about other things than the house issues, and thought to myself how well they make as friends since they’re relatively close in age and passions, although different in occupation.

Despite some almost major issues with the bank, we were sure that what God had started, what God had given, He’d carry it to complete fruition and evidently enough, we closed at the end of the month and entered our first house as a family.  Perze insisted he carried me in, so Em took our picture, snickering. And Zi had a great time walking everywhere, from room to room. 

Yes, we both had our roles to be able to work to pay for the house; yes, we saved and set aside money, but we know that everything was given by grace.  And finding the house, buying it for lower than we had expected to buy it for, meeting the right people, allowing the perfect timing to buy to get the 8thousand back, providing us to find and buy within the time frame before our apartment lease ended, ALL this, we know God had provided. Thank You Lord!

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