zi: getting up, walking, climbing, & getting down

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Zienne is 10 months, almost 11.

Things have been quite busy, with all the whirlwind preparations for the upcoming move, my little ring selling…thing…and of course, the responsibilities at church, and a very clingy teething baby with her almost-five-year-old-sister, who is preparing to attend kindergarten this year.

With all the busyness, Zi has mastered getting up from sitting position to standing and then walking.  She has this cute grunting sound, like a muffled war cry of determination.  And once she’s up, she’ll smile, knowing that she’s accomplished something ‘big-girl-ish’. She’s on her way to becoming like everyone else she sees around her, mobile on two feet. 

She can take more than 15 steps at a time then fall down on her bum, or squat down to reach for something, then get back up again. She is also VERY good with climbing things.  She uses everything as a stool to attain a new height, and can even climb to the top of the sofa. 

With getting down, she realizes this is a bit tricky, but she has also figured out a way how to get one step down.  She’ll near the edge, then swing one leg to dangle down, then turn herself over to belly position and then swing the other leg down until her toes touch the ground. BRAVO! I love how her little mind thinks.

By Easter, she’ll be able to join her sister and cousins in running around the backyard hunting for eggs in the grass.

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