goodnight, sweetheart…

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So proud of you emmanuelle grace.

Tonight was the third night you slept in your room alone after Zienne was born. I know how hard it must have been for you, with all the initial attempts and your concerns (monsters, itchiness, loneliness, fears).  But after your Tatay read you a story, prayed with you, and after I came and tucked you in, laughed and talked with you, you mustered up enough strength and faith that we’re so close to you still. 

It must be very hard, at four years old, after days and days of being conditioned to having such the warmest comfort of being with those you love most before going to sleep, then having to sleep alone with a blanket of thoughts.  But you did it tonight.  Thank you for being so brave. It’s times like these that I am so proud of you.  And although I know it’s a step towards your independence, I already miss you. 

I love you monkey.  I wish I could keep you forever.

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