By the Sea: Ring #4

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Ring #4: By the Sea, just in time for a nice stroll by the sea, this cocktail ring shows the bit of promise of a peaceful breeze. Can you see it? ‘By the Sea’ was inspired by the movie ‘Coco Before Chanel’, when she was fascinated by the beaches of England. This ring is joined with a little sand-dollar and friendly little crab, carrying a swarovski crystal.

4btsring07The beads I used for this one is a little bit tricky.  In the morning, they’re a misty pale lilac, and at night, a pale seafoam. 

4btsring01  4btsring02

4btsring05 4btsring06

It’s getting easier and faster for me to make the cocktail rings, and everyone’s been asking me how they can buy one, so today, I opened up my shop at Etsy.  I’ll let you know when it’s prettier. 🙂

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