Cherry Blossoms: Ring #3

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Last night, I couldn’t sleep so I made Ring#3.

This one is obviously an homage to Cherry Blossoms that bloom in spring, esp, May, my beloved daughter’s birth month. Seemed only fitting to give it that name, added with my ancient love for cherry blossoms.


I should really take more pictures in the daytime.  I meant to with the other previous rings, but I was so excited to show them to people so I took them at night, after I finished them.  But this one, I waited, and I’m glad I did.  the pink is a little more on the salmon side.

3cbring01 3cbring02

3cbring03 3cbring04

3cbring05 3cbring06

This ring is so ready for spring. <3
But I’m really thankful that people are ordering them 🙂

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