10 months Zienne

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Happy 10 months my darling girl!

zi10monthsSo to recap, at 9 months, Zi learned how to start walking independently. She took 1 step, then 2, then 3, then 4, then stopped at 5.  She was so happy and excited with herself for achieving such a feat, that I believe she surprised herself.  So now, she takes a couple of steps at a time, then falls on her bum. So just like her Ate Emma, she started walking at 9 months! Bravo, little one.

At this month, she’s also very clingy and hardly allows strangers to carry her anymore.  If they do, she has to be in a very good mood, full and dry, and not at all sleepy.  If those factors are ever present, she’s only partial to family, esp. Perze and myself. Sometimes, if she’s super cranky, she won’t even entertain her beloved Tatay or Emma.

Added to the words Mamam, Dada, and Ate, she sometimes says De-de at the appropriate times when she’s about to nurse.  She also knows how to comprehend the word ‘NO.’  When faced with a stern ‘no’ she will either A) cry, or B) try to debate it out by saying ‘eh’ after every turn I say ‘no.’

So far, she weighs 15.5 lbs. and a little on the skinny side.  She is eating more solids so she’s not as fond with drinking milk. 

One thing that has strongly manifested, although present since she was about 5-6 months is her love for music.  Every time she hears a song she likes, she’ll smile, look at you, and sway side to side.  We have this song we sing and, without fail, upon hearing “you have a fat face, la la la la la la…etc,” she’ll go absolutely happily bananas.  She also sings very loudly every time she’s in choir practice, or when she hears her older sister singing.  It entertains everyone surrounding her every time.  "

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