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My daughter Emmanuelle has already started showing her Marchesa-isms.  After she has refined her fine motor skills, she’s really found a love for crafts.  Every piece of item she sees, she tries to find some sort of creative function for it, having it become a piece of something greater. 

There’s so much symbolism in that, isn’t there?  There are people in the kingdom who sees something to become a part of something bigger.  And it can come in the form of a simple ministry, or seeing some grand potential in someone who gets left in the wayside without an obvious gift.  There are people who entertain visions, no matter how difficult the journey and discouraging the criticisms. 

I hope she becomes a builder.  I hope she has a keen eye to spot potential.  I hope she has the wisdom to realize that she herself is a work in progress and all those little things she puts into herself are also for the kingdom, esp. her talents, her knowledge, intellect, wisdom, and yes- her love and generosity. 

I was thinking about it today while on my sporadic visits to the craft store.  I can spend so much time there, not because I really want to, but because it takes a while to scan through sooooooooooo many pieces and actually theoretically put them together in my head to make one composite creation, stamped with character in my name, not just for the sake of making something, but something that has myself written all over it. A craft store is amazing, really, and you just sort of have to stop sometimes and look around, see the people who have a similar imprint of the Father, who love to create.  Sometimes, I have to smirk and feel some kindred relationship to those carrying baskets of little unrelated things to form some wonderful relationship. 

While looking around, I saw the strong possibility of future dates with my budding daughter, who also will one day walk those aisles with me, sharing the same imprint of the Father, and love to create.

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