a new season in coming spring

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Grand. Grand. Do people say that these days; life is grand. Because it is.

Some seasons are bad, some are extremely challenging, but I have to be honest, I cannot remember the last time I could really complain about life. I mean, sure, teenage years, early teenage years, late teenage years, early adult life…but once you mature and see there’s too much beauty around you, you really can’t complain.  Once you realize what’s most important in life, you really can’t complain.

What I learned when I was in my college days was right.  Everything is given by grace.  We do not deserve them so why is it that sometimes we feel we have the right to demand them? 

And by grace, I’ve seen a garden spring up in my life, surrounding me with too much to appreciate, and it is my garden.  My family, my friends, church, needs met, education, love of learning, love of serving, love of giving, my children, my health, my in laws, my hobbies, my future…etc.

Our family is entering a new milestone in our lives and Perze and I, last night, were briefly discussing how much God has been the main benefactor.  We are amazed with how much something came from almost nothing.  Our prayers have been heard all those months, and His grace is abundant.  We said ‘yes Lord’ and He answered back. 

All you can be is be faithful with the things God gives you.  Without thinking you’re going to get anything back, but because you love to serve and know Him through his work. And somewhere in the process, you see He’s working in the desires of your heart.

Perze and I weren’t able to prepare months and months ahead, due to little time we had with all the busyness of the seasons and church responsibilities, esp. in the weekends. But surely enough, the timing was PERFECT and God turned on the switch and all the lights turned green in just a couple of weeks.

Thank you Lord for answering our humble prayers.

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