our valentine weekend

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Valentine’s weekend was great, although I was still getting over my cough.

SJBCI had their annual semi-formal, with this year’s theme as Masquerade Ball.  We entered Paris Caterers wearing our matching masks, seeing everyone else masked.  It was almost mysterious, trying to figure out who was who while walking to our table. 

I got to emcee the games, which turned out more fun than I had imagined.  We switched the men on their female counterparts and asked the women to choose who their husbands were while being blindfolded.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Of course there was dancing, chatting, and a message.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring Zi because she would just fuss with being held the whole time, and wanting to sleep early.  But Emma loved it, loving any party where dancing is involved.


Saturday, we continued Valentine’s weekend at church where we showed ‘Fireproof’ for some youth and come couples.  We set the downstairs like a concession stand, offering dinner and snacks, bagging popcorn for everyone and distributing them to everyone watching upstairs.  Despite not too many people showing, it ended up to be an extremely fun night, setting up, laughing, and watching the movie with people you know.  It allowed room for awkward snickering, and talking…and knowing myself, these are very common to me while watching movies.  I always find myself seeing humor in everything. And it felt very casual while having the theatre experience.  We’ve decided that we’re going to do this every three months.

The actual Valentine’s Day, we spent in church.  Afterwards, we took the girls shopping for their valentine’s gifts, letting emma choose what she wanted.  And like the girl I know that she is, she chose something crafty.  :)  She definitely takes after me in that way, probably having picked the same thing when I was a child- papers, stickers, string, buttons…etc.

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