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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

To all our readers, our friends and family, from our family to yours, may God continually open your hearts to receive the showers of His love for you. 

To my family:  The Fabilas, the Ababas, the Ngs
Thank you for your unconditional love, the love that binds us together always. 

To my family: Perze, Emmanuelle, & Zienne
I love you. You are not just a part of my heart, but you compose it and can never be separated from it.  God has written you when He wrote me and I am completely blessed because of that.  Zienne, this is your first Valentine’s Day.  It is not much as an event, but it is a reminder.  I hope you are reminded of how much you are loved.  I can see through your smiles and glee that you love us too.  Thank you for giving us that. It means more to us than you may know.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lord. And this is how I know love, because You first loved me.

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