Zi multitasking

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At 8 months, Zi’s gotten the courage to test her own leg strength and balance standing up independently.  She uses props to get up then lets go, looks around for a willing crowd, then smiles because she knows she’s done something new, and probably to her, something amazing, a completely new feeling of steps to being a big girl like her Ate.

When she does this, I can imagine her glee, knowing her stark difference compared to everyone else walking vertically while she is limited to mobility by crawling. 

Today, she decided to multitask and clap along with us, because mind you, it is somewhat of a miracle when one learns to stand up.  That, like in life, deserves an applause.

So, with the help of her very supportive and encouraging sister (who by the way really deserves a lot of credit for getting Zi to practice standing), our adorable subject is captured on video:


She stood up much longer but I decided to clip the video because for a good few seconds, I’m in the front and you can’t see Zi standing. 

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