quiet winter weekend

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I don’t really get discouraged when I blog.  Sometimes people ask me when I find the time, but to be honest, it comes very easily to me and I don’t need too much time to blog about every day issues.  It’s a little more difficult if I’m writing a devotion or article, but daily summaries, pleasantries, rants…those don’t require too much cognitive effort on my part.  That’s just me; I’m used to writing.

Most of the time, I tell myself to blog about daily activities to preserve the mundane memories, which won’t be so mundane in the future.  I know my memory won’t remember everything I’d love to remember, but hopefully this will serve as a comfort for me as well as a treasure for my children.  I hope this site will serve as a rich resource for them to know who their mom and dad are, how we met, things we’ve gone through with them, and how much we treasure them, family, God and His kingdom.

This weekend, we were snowed in.  It allowed us time to just spend together, without having to travel south, which is what we do every weekend due to  church activities.  So, the snow was a blessing.  Despite being sick with a very sore throat and excessive coughing, I’m happy we had this time for rest.  I didn’t even stress out on chores and cleaning…Plus, it was superbowl weekend so we got to watch the game over wings, ribs, and hoagies. 🙂

Em and I cheered for the Colts, but the Saints won with a surprising interception.  Tomorrow’s monday, and then a very busy weekend with Valentine’s activities, starting with emceeing the Masquerade Ball on Friday.  Should be fun seeing everyone so dressed up with cute masks.  Every year, they get better and better, so hopefully this year it’ll be just as fun.  Hopefully I get my voice back by then.  This weekend, I’ve been on a vocal fast, so to speak.  It’s a nice and very humbling experience to discipline yourself to not talk unless it’s important.  It makes me realize how vocal discipline is a much needed discipline in the church community. Yes, I said it, but is it not true?  How much discipline does it take to contain spreading things about others when it’s not needed?  Being in a leadership position in our church, Perze and I discuss a lot of the hidden things going around, things we hear, but we try as hard as we can to contain it, because what do we gain, esp. when we are not involved?  Also, being a youth advisor, Rog and I hear a lot of things from the kids, but it really takes a lot of discernment to keep things in confidence and illuminate which needs to be known, esp. very serious issues.

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