we were meant to be

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This was a very much coveted dress of last year in my favorite store.  Once it went on sale, it sold very fast and didn’t even last two weeks online.  Retail was $188, so I continued to wait.  It went down to $99 and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it although I absolutely loved it for its parisienne style and the extremely unique criss cross lacing in the back.

Anyways, having lost all expectation that I’d ever own it, I was perusing one day and saw THE dress in MY size, the ONLY one of its kind in my hands.  We were meant to be.  So I look at the price and had a fashion gasp!  It was…wait for it…wait for it…$19! 

With a smile on my face, I walked out of the store happy and here it is. Like?


The scarf is from last winter’s TARGET, but my mom and I made it, ruffled it ourselves, as part of the ladies’ outfits for last Christmas Cantata.  You can’t find that scarf anywhere, but watch for it to come in trend.  The belt is also mine, but emma somewhat broke it so I’m gonna have to try to find another red skinny belt.  Too bad, that was only $1 too.

I tried to recreate my mom’s hairstyle in the 70s.  I could totally imagine my mom wearing a dress like that.

Here’s the dress as is:


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