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Today was extremely productive.  Met up with Tony to look at a place, eat at IHop, pick up the new lease, then meet with the some administrative people to register Emma for Kindergarten.  Ya, can you believe it?  My darling  will soon be attending school.

It’s funny what you have to think about when your child is entering kindergarten, you know, small stuff that you take for granted, like knowing how to button their coat or zipper, how to wipe, how to make a phone call, or as simple as opening their zip-lock bag for their lunch, etc.

Aside from that, in the middle of all the big things, I was able to finally tweak  I’ve been working on the banner and today I was able to incorporate our new color palette.  There’s a little few more aesthetic to fix, and then come the big stuff like the layout.  It seems every year we want to change our page into a new skin.  And every year, we end up wanting it to more and more look like a newsletter and not just a blog.  But I’m just glad because after 8 months, I’ve finally been able to put a picture of all four of us on the banner.

Also, I haven’t been blogging a lot about my thoughts lately…so you have to forgive me for all the fashion blogs.  It definitely is a hobby and passion of mine, and it’s simple, uncomplicated.  I wish I could be a bit more revealing with some of my thoughts, but I’ve made a choice not publicize everything I may be thinking or feeling, knowing there are ramifications.  I hope when the time comes when I blog about certain thoughts, I can be fair about it and more constructive than destructive, unless of course, I have the intent to destroy…hahahahaha…

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