paperweight chemise

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paperwhiteschemisedressThe only one on the sale rack left and it was my size.  Wow. It was a sign, next to the sign that said sale.  Two signs. hahaha

It’s silk, with adjustable straps.  Empire waist.  The funny thing with this dress was that it’s loungewear, but if you know A., some of their loungewear is very much ready to wear, using the same materials in their ready to wear dresses.  I tried it on just to make sure and a huge smile appeared on my face. 

It was lovely.  It was feminine, and it was modest enough to wear outside.  Granted, I’m a little more on the modest side, so I’ll be pairing it with a nice blue or yellow cami. 

I think if the material was satin, it would constitute a whole different type of vibe, but the silk makes it a summer dress.

The best part is the intricate stitch work on the top.  I included a picture to show justice to how lovely it is, which also makes it seem too good to just wear at home.  paperwhiteschemisedress02There’s little flower buds, white baby blossoms, and leaves  strategically on the top, seriously affirming spring! 

I’m really excited for spring to come…it’s dresses like these that make you smile for being a girl.  Thank you Anne P. for creating this. And thank you sales!

price: on mad sale
size: small
status: own

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