Valentine’s Doesn’t Have to Be in Red

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Ok, so here is my recent wishlist. 


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Ms. Lemon Dress & Call Me Coco

You can tell where my color palette begins and ends, but I’m always leaning towards the earth these days: taupes and browns, yellows and dust. Also, I’m really loving the peplum skirts these days, a modernized dynasty.

image image
CL Avalanche & Blowfish Wintour Buttercalf Big Cuff

The shoes?  Anything that brings out the juxtaposition of big and small, chunky and skinny, making your legs and feet look photoshopped, I say YES please.

image image
Preening Headband & Downtown Dawson Sunglasses

And then the accessories?  I’m a big supporter of hair accessories, these days, LOVING the vintage 18-19th century romantic fascinators/mini top hats/feathers/flowery buds.  And well, the shades?  Say it with me: Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffanys.  After I saw that movie, I made a promise to find those vintage shades. And voila! Yum, I’ve found them.

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