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eyephoto ok oko ok….

to play around with my daughter, we decided to play with make up since these days, she’s experimenting with clothes and barrettes.  I didn’t put any makeup on her, however, I tried something that’s been on my mind recently and so I wanted to give it a shot.

Two things I wouldn’t be caught in public wearing:

one is the headband worn that way.  
(it’s somewhat in trend and i wish i could pull it off, but alas, major failage.

two is the Lady Gaga inspired oversized fish eyes.
(looks good from afar but in public, you look pretty crazy.  it’s not very lovely close up. I even did the cheek bone fake out where you over darken the line just below the bone to accentuate the area, giving it the effect that you’ve been skipping dinner for a week.)

sorry i look so serious…i don’t really mean to look all hard…hahahaha…i just look really fugly when i force smile on a self picture.

So ya, lovely afternoon with em.  One day, she will post this picture of her mother up on some social site…so I wanted to give her some variety…=D (i had a fun time dressing up for your dance party, em…)

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